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Batida de Coco

Batida de CocoThis is a milky-white emulsive liqueur made of coconuts, coconut milk and sugar.

The best-known brand is from the company Mangaroca. Other brands often have a much higher alcohol content.

Batidas are actually pronounced as ba chi da and are of Brazilian origin. The term batida means shaken. Baritas are drinks made with fruit juices or crushed / pureed fruit along with sugar and condensed milk which is why they are sometimes called milkshakes too although they are quite different from milkshakes. Batida de Coco is sometimes mistaken by people who are not familiar with it as a chocolate or a coffee drink. The word coco comes from coconut and not cocoa.

Make it yourself

Batida de Coco is one of the most popular and widely sold baditas in the world. This is due to the fact that it is very easy to make and is thus a popular recipe for people wanting to produce some at home. A good home made blend of Batida de Coco requires ice, cachaca, coconut milk, sugar and sweetened condensed milk. All these are put in a blender and blended until a smooth and frothy mixture transpires. This drink can be further garnished with coconut powder, colored icing sugar and even brown sugar.

The nutritional value of the Batida de Coco varies with what the ingredients are. While the recipe mentioned above is a standard recipe, Batida de Coco can be made with orange and lime juice too amongst other things. A standard 1 oz serving of this yummy drink will contain 103 calories (kcal), 11 grams of carbohydrates, 10.9 grams of sugar, 5.7 grams of alcohol with hardly or no traces of protein, cholesterol, fat or fiber

It will be prudent to point out that a bottle of Batida de Coco should be consumed soon after it is opened because of the risk of the coconut milk curdling and the drink spoiling as the alcohol content of this drink is not enough to act as a preservative.

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